Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What's On My Plate: Week of 01.09

I'm not a photographer.  I have an iPhone.  I have a nice camera that my high schooler primarily uses. I don't have an eye for lighting and or technique.  For now, I will not feature photos of my meals.

A menu and recipes, yes!  Maybe just evening meals or snack ideas.  I'm honestly not sure just yet. This feature will grow into something solid soon.  Bare with me.  :)

I like Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving food so much that I go through the joy of preparing said meal in part once or twice a month!   Sprouts stocks turkey breasts year round and jewel sweet potatoes and I can usually get brussel sprouts in the frozen food section.    Monday was Thanksgiving night.

I prepare the turkey the same way I do for Thanksgiving.  A good rub of herbs and garlic and olive oil.  Sear it on a hot cast iron skillet and bake it in the oven slow and low for several hours.

Next is the sweet potatoes.  They get a good rub down of olive oil, then are wrapped foil and baked along with the turkey.

I keep cranberries around for as long as they will stay fresh after the holidays specifically for a Thanksgiving brussel sprout dish.

Herb Crusted Turkey
Sweet Potatoes with cinnamon and walnuts
Brussel Sprouts with cranberries and bacon

Tuesday and Thursday are class days for me.  I generally prepare something simple, if not leftovers.

Italian Chicken Toss is a simple recipe that is a "what's in the fridge" toss that in!   Chicken, bow tie pasta, a can of tomatoes and all the veggies in my fridge.  Onion, bell pepper, carrots, celery, green beans, peas, turnips, beets... literally whatever is on hand.   Grill the chicken, boil the pasta, chop the veggies, open a can of tomatoes, toss it in a skillet with some olive oil.  Dinner! :)

Wednesday The Adhesive (AKA our youngest teenager) heads off to a youth group event, where he is fed.   I prepare a meal that isn't his favorite for my husband and I.  This week is stuffed bell peppers, mashed potatoes, and green peas.    Hubs and I go to the gym, work out for an hour before we pick The Adhesive up.

Thursday.  Another simple meal.  This week it's Polish Sausage with cabbage and a side dish of quinoa.

Friday is typically Pizza night at my house.  A giant salad with a side of flour all over the kitchen.

We make the dough and top it with a variety of toppings from anchovies to spinach and basil to sausage.

I do my grocery shopping over the weekend.  We'll see what's on the menu next week when class begins!  Sophomore year, here I come!

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