Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The One Where I Choose To Write

I run.  Those are words to live by.  Words I live by.  I started running seven years ago.  This past weekend is the anniversary of my first 5K.   I ran a 5K this weekend with my niece.  She's in training for a physical in which she needs to run 1.5 miles.  I ran with her this past weekend.  We had fun.

She's the girl who gave me the title Aunt.  I wear it proudly.  She's my sweet girl.

I also Looped The Lake.  White Rock Lake in Dallas is nine miles.   My BFF of 19 years wanted to Loop The Lake by her birthday weekend.   We trained in the summer.  We trained in the heat.  We trained in the humidity.  We ran the lake this past weekend.  Running's my favorite!   Kat and I decided to set our goals for shorter distances, pick up our pace, and lengthen our intervals.  I like to run intervals, it keeps be running uninjured and allows me to run farther.  Yay! 

Our White Rock Lake run was Sunday.   We didn't run Monday.  Rest.  Stretch.  Mostly rest.  

Today we were meeting to begin speed training.  She was unable to make it.  So I ran a mile of intervals and two miles of hill repeats.  Three miles total.

It felt good to push myself.  Hills are my friend! What doesn't 'hill' you makes you stronger!  As long as I'm not rolling down!

I had negative splits! Yay! I wasn't trying for that, it just happened!  Bonus!

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