Monday, January 9, 2017

A dusting off...

I thought 2016 I would blog and talk about my college experience.  Classes, professors, classmates and the things said on the interwebs that make me want to silently screen scream and type in ALL CAPS!

Topics like:

Food Fads
Fake News
Nutrition Memes
Fake Foods
Why I'm Injured, Meh!
Meal Planning
Metabolism, the truth.
The Biggest Loser, my thoughts
Orthorexia, it is a real thing
Moderation, what that looks like
Embrace where you are, just do it

Yea, so I did not accomplish much (or any) of that.  I cried over my classes, over my grades, over my homework.  So much homework!  When did college become such a chore?  I appreciate my husband for working to provide for our family and being supportive of my career/education choices.  

I've had this fire in my belly for years.  After I began running, losing weight, becoming cognizant of how nutrition affects my body, performance, my overall health.

Having researched "How to become a registered dietitian" at least ten times a year; in July of last year I made an appointment and sat for a college entrance exam.   My forty (something) year old brains test result were surprising.  I was eligible to enroll in courses and begin the steps necessary to embark on this career curve. 

And although this blog won't be full of pictures at least until I master that technology.  It will include the above and weekly updates about class, the good, the bad and the ugly cry about making a B.

eighty-eight point ninety-four (88.94).  Most students may be happy about a B in statistics.  I cried.  I emailed the professor, he didn't reply.  I asked for extra credit, he didn't reply.  I cried.   My four point oh was gone.  Bring on the tears.  All The Tears.  It is even hard for me to say the words three point six seven.  

So this semester, I work harder.  I study longer.  My new mantra is if Nothing Changes, then Nothing Changes.   I have resolved to get up early to run.

This semester's schedule begins January 17th.  I am taking (what I hope) is an easier schedule than last semester.   Contemporary Math (in person), English 1302 and History 1301 online.  

Monday and Wednesday are run days and will begin at 6:00 am either at the gym or running outside to give me more time to study.  Study time will be from 10:00 - 2:00.  Reading, writing, arithmetic.

Tuesday and Thursday are class days.  Contemporary Math or Quantitative Reasoning or scary math term.  Imagine me with a scary face right now.  It is possible I may begin a part-time job on class days.  TBD.    These are also gym days.  I meet the hubby at the gym after work.

Fridays are for turning homework in.  More reading, writing and arithmetic.  The goal being to keep weekends free of college stress, homework, deadlines, and tears.   I did not occur to me that there would be so much crying in college.

Here's to a successful semester, debunking the latest fads, more blogging, and (hoping for) less tears! 

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