Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The One Where There Are New Beginnings

It's hard to say where this began really.  Was it when I started running or was it when I began reading labels? Was it when I realized that nutrition has a lot to do with how I feel? It's possible.

April 2009, I received news from my doctor that I needed to clean up my diet and get moving.  I did just that and have continued for nearly seven years.

I've researched how to become a registered dietitian off and on over the years.  I want to help people, inspire people, educate people on nutrition and how important it is to overall health.

After a series of life changing events in 2015 I took the leap.  I took a college entrance exam and enrolled!  EEEEEK!!

I'm on my way to the dream.  To completing a major goal.  To enter the health field as a dietitian.

Dietitian: An expert in prescribing therapeutic nutrition.

This blog will document my journey, challenges, nutrition, recipes and the hilarity of being a forty-something college student in the twenty-first century!

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