Saturday, March 9, 2013

The One Where I Lost My Trash Can (or Mind)

I've thought a lot about this subject, I've thought  about what to title such an blogging adventure. 

Odd title I'll admit, but where is your trash can and where was it before? Is your kitchen trash can under the sink? near the stove? Have you ever moved your trash can to a new location? Mine for instance it at the end of the island. Occasionally I move it next to the sink depending on what I'm preparing. If I'm peeling a lot of veggies, I'll move it near the sink. Or when I've been handling chicken.

Sometimes I forget and leave the trash can by the sink, then head to the end of the island and remember, oh yeah! I moved it. I don't discard the trash on the floor where the can used to be. I dispose of it in the proper place. It would certainly get messy if I did that wouldn't it? Instead of making a new habit of discarding trash in the can near the sink, if I discarded the trash onto the floor where the can used to be located?

But we're people, right, capable of learning new habits. right? So what is all this talk of trash cans and their location?

Its simple really. You can remember that you've moved the location of the trash can and dispose of trash properly. Even when you (or I) forget, you head back into the correct direction, right?

Its the same with a healthy lifestyle. You've moved the location of your today and your future. So what if occasionally you forget. Just turn back toward the new location.

I've seen so many friends become discouraged lately. Forgetting their location. I've seen so many say they don't know how to get back. But I say to that if you can remember the new location of a trash can, you can remember how to stay on the journey!  And enjoy the journey.  If you got a speeding ticket you wouldn't go out and break all the other laws that day.   So what if you have pizza, you don't have to eat the whole pie! 

One piece of (or even the whole bag) __________ isn't the end of my journey.

I have to remember the scale is not a reflection of who I am, but a snapshot of a location on the journey.

I ask you today......where is your trash can?

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