Monday, February 13, 2017

What's on my plate and Spring 2017 Semester stuff

This year's journey towards becoming a Registered Dietitian starts with my bullet journal and goal writing and lots of visits to advising.

Due to being a non-traditional student, I am not taking a full load.  Three classes in the spring, two in the summer, two in the fall.  My courses are as follows:

Spring 2017:

English 1023 Composition II
Math 1013 Financial and Quantitative Literacy
History 1013  Years 1492 - 1865

 Summer 2017:

NFS 1301, 1302 Food Preparation Principles
History 1023 Years 1865 - Present

Fall 2017:

BIOL 1111, 1113 Principles of Biology 98% scared 2% excited
GOV 2013 US Government

I chose to only take two classes in the fall because I want to focus on keeping my GPA up.  I hear that Biology is really hard and to be honest, I'm worried about it.  But it's only February and I don't have the energy to deal with that just yet.

English is a lot of work.  This is more reading and writing than I've had to do so far.  Writing isn't my strongest skill and I'm concerned I will not make an A.  Oh well, it is only February.

I like History.  I remember some of this from back in the day.  It's a fun class.  History is my jam!

This is a lighter load without a Statistics class using all my brain power!  Although I think I should have taken MATH 1013 before Stats.  Last semester might have been easier.

I work on assignments daily to keep up with the pace of the semester and so far that's working well. And like all previous semesters, I watch too much television and eat too much popcorn.

Shows I'm caught up on and now watching the current season:

Blue Bloods
How To Get Away With Murder
Grey's Anatomy

mini rant.... seriously, House of Cards has been pushed back to May! I used to come out on Valentine's day! That's how hubby and I spent 02/14.  So romantic.

New network shows I like:

Designated Survivor

Shows in the Que:

Mad Men
The Mindy Project
Man In The High Castle

I'm open to suggestions on binge-worthy shows.   I really miss The Good Wife and haven't found another show close to it.

Only this week's schedule and menu.  We start the week with shouting out PLOT TWIST!  I have been puny since I returned from Mississippi.   Headache. Pressure.  Earache. Sore throat. Chills. Fatigue. No fever, just puny and tired.   Sunday afternoon I had to lay down and rest if the neighbor kid hadn't rung the doorbell I would have slept beyond three hours.  A three-hour nap wasn't enough.  I woke up with the same headache I laid down with.  Meh.

Went to bed early.  Slept eight hours only to awaken to an intensified headache.  Coffee, Water, Meds. Homework.

So, here's how the week should look.


Rest day
No Homework
No Exercise


Lemon Rosemary Chicken


6 AM run  chose sleep
Chores and Laundry


Skillet Chicken
Nope, not gonna happen
I made bone broth to sip on during the day and will use the remainder for Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup from Damn Delicious!


Math on Campus
Gym - Arm Day


Taco Salad


6 AM Run
Lunch with Bub
Gym - Leg Day


Stuffed Peppers - Stouffers
Hot Crash Potatoes - Pioneer Woman
California Blend Vegetables


Math on campus
Gym - Back and Abs


Salmon Patties.  Pan "fried" cornmeal and panko bread crumbs.
Asian Salad - Taylor Farms


Walk in the park
Study, Read, Write papers


Pizza Night - Make your own pizza.  Occasionally I make the dough, but most of the time I purchase it premade in the freezer section at Central Market.  Cento makes my favorite red sauce and our toppings vary from all cheese to veggie lovers.

This is what the week holds, as well as lots of bone broth breaks and naps.   Follow along on Instagram and Twitter "Salsa Is A Vegetable" Pix and Running Updates.

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