Monday, April 4, 2016

The One Where I'm Frustrated

I don't know where to start with this semester.  Last semester I took an online class.  I can say that I don't care for that format.  Essentially I taught myself.  I read the book, I took notes based on information I thought I should know.  I took quizzes and tests.  I made an A.   I can't say I really learned anything.  I couldn't take a test today and tell you what I learned.

This semester I signed up for classes that my Math Study Group would be in and I could take another class in person.   It all worked out.

I don't care for the format of the math class, although I'm doing well, I'd rather have two lecture days instead of the modular math component.  I don't feel as prepared for hight math courses.  I have an A, so I guess I've learned something.

The other class this semester is Community Health.  Today is April 4th and the professor hasn't once lectured over what this class is about.   He called it a hybrid class.

This is the class description:

Emphasis is placed on relating course content to lifestyle to foster a better understanding of the major health issues of today. Current issues include, but are not limited to: emotional health, chemical use and abuse, human sexuality, major diseases, physical fitness, nutrition, aging, death and dying. This course does not satisfy the physical education activity course requirement. (3 Lec.) 

He has not one time discussed: 

Emotional Health
Chemical Use and Abuse
Human Sexuality
Major Diseases
Physical Fitness
Aging, Death or Dying 

I have a total of 9 pages of notes.  Mostly discussing the days we aren't meeting, how to use the quiz function of the Pearson Software, so we can take a quiz over content he hasn't covered. 

I've had online tests and quizzes.
I've had a "pop quiz" over obesity. (in person, on paper)
I've written a paper on cardio vascular disease.
I've given a presentation on Nutrition (Chapter 9). 

I haven't received grades.  He hasn't returned our papers.  He didn't provide us with a syllabus.   From one week to the next I'm not sure what this class is about.

We have 5 - 6 classes remaining.  Oh and a 100 question (in person, on paper) final!  Goody.

Two of the four students that were to give their presentation last week when I gave mine were absent.  So naturally I used their time.  Mainly because this was the only information this class would receive about the the content of the course.  It's not as if the professor has lectured or given us useful knowledge about this class.

After my (well over 5 minute) presentation he said he has one more question.  "Do you know how long five minutes is?"  I said yes, and I used it. 

I'm frustrated with this class, for several reasons.  

1) I wanted to continue to take classes with my study group, so I enrolled again at an out of county college; which means I'm paying over triple the tuition price to attend;  
2)  I haven't learned anything about this subject and it's a class I need for my degree, I'm not taking it for fun!
3)  It has been a waste of my time, I could have taken this class online, for less money and learned more and saved gas.
4) He's not doing the students any favors by his lack of preparation. 
5) He calls me an overachiever because I strive to keep my 4.0 GPA.

Seriously, Frustrated.

Currently looking up classes for summer and fall semesters.  Better check "rate my professor"

In my previous years in college, professors lectured over the actual content of the class, you took notes, you read the book, you participated in class, you learned.   I'm hoping this time around is similar and I've just had two fluke experiences. 

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