Sunday, January 27, 2013

It Began As Terrible Too's.....

Yeah, here's another running blog.

I started running (nearly) four years ago when my Dr. told me I had a "a case of the Terrible Too's"

My cholesterol was too high.
My blood sugar was too high.

Then he said, let's be honest, the scale is too high.

He wanted me to lose 20-25 pounds before I saw him again.  Otherwise he would put me on a handful of meds that he knew I wouldn't take and my problem would only become more complicated.

I had purchased a treadmill month earlier and walked on it occasionally; but nothing to write home blog about.

Years earlier  I found SparkPeople in a recipe search.  But didn't use it.

The light went off!  I logged back onto SparkPeople and began using the tools.  I logged my food.  I tracked my fitness.  I lost some weight.

But I found I could burn more calories if I ran.

Through SparkPeople I found the C25K Program at CoolRunning and off I went!  I trained for my first race and caught the running fever!

April will be four years of running.  25 pounds lost with real food and miles logged.

No Potions.
No Pills.
No Shakes.
No Fads.
No Restricted Foods.
No Excessive Exercise Programs
I eat real food.
I lost weight for real.
I've kept it off!


  1. Wow, what an awesome and inspiring story! Good for you, for taking responsibility and not taking the easy way out, with medication! That is SOOOO awesome! Keep sharing your story, it will help others. :)

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle